Using the Cloud–Your biggest business challenge

Think about how you can engage with your clients better using social networking and other cloud services.

Consider your products and services, and why you offer them to the market. Now think about how you can operate your business 24/7/365 which are becoming the new business hours, 9-5 Monday to Friday is HISTORY!

I’m working hard to make my services available 24/7/365 – I’m not there yet, but I know I have to be.

Here are some key players in social networking. Those that are influencing me now, I recommend you follow them on Twitter.

@OneSocialMedia and @Gitomer. One of the ways you can do promote your business is by putting tones of content online. Using Video, Tweets, Facebook, LinkedIn. Personally, my company website is constantly being updated. Once or twice daily.

So a database driven, content managed web site is vital.

Look, you might be reading this thinking “this is alright for you, you own an IT company”. CRAP – It isn’t easy for me either.

Your competitors and mine are doing all they can to beat us. You and I have to rise to the challenge. The good news is instead of the internet removing social interaction, the very lifeblood of business, it is facilitating it through social media.

Social media doesn’t replace the need to meet up in person. It simply helps make the introductions and first impressions. Then, gradually over time the level of interaction grows to the point where they will invite you over. At that point the job is done.

It used to be, when we were growing up, we needed to know where to hang out and where to meet the right people. Nothing has changed other than the place. It’s online, it’s in your pocket, and it’s everywhere and all the time.

You absolutely need to reach out, you need to engage and you need to make technology work for you. Technology can make you money, it can save you time, it can bring you contacts and ultimately it can bring you business but you have to start reaching out now, TODAY!

Start by following me on twitter, and subscribing to this blog. If you ‘retweet’ me twice I’ll follow you back. We’ll start to engage in discussion.

Look, if you don’t think I can add any value to your business then post a comment on this blog and tell me so. I can take it. At least you will have begun to engage online.

You see your competitors are blogging, they have a YouTube channel, they have a twitter account, and they are on LinkedIn & Google+. They have press releases, they take part and even sponsor events and they even hold webinars.

Does this sound easy? Well it isn’t and that’s precisely why if you do all of these things, with the help of your colleagues and professionals you can lead your field within a year. But all good things come to those who……are consistent! Waiting gets you nowhere.

About Paul G Howes

I'm the founder of itauthority in the UK. I started this company to help small businesses make better use of the IT they purchase. Many buy tech for the wrong reasons or buy something and then realised they don't have the time to make the most of it. How many unused programs are installed on your system? So I'm all about getting the most from IT. My other interests: I love music above most other things, I'm a pilot, I'm building myself a recording studio, I'm a magician - member of the Ilford Magical Society, as well as a runner & cyclist.
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