New Tech–Touch for non-touch PCs and MACs

Leap Motion Demo I found this online, actually I was tipped off by a friend in the USA. This is a new gadget from Leap Motion which looks very cool indeed.

I have pre-ordered one and will review the product when it arrives. Expected Feb 2013 so watch this space. In the meantime watch this video.

Essentially it works similarly to the game controller Xbox Connect, but the resolution is much higher, giving very accurate control. It will sit under your monitor and allow you to control your PC with hand gestures in the air. In some ways this is better than touch screens as there will be no fingerprints.

It will allow users of older PCs and MACs to use touch technology without touching. Looks cool and I hope the product will live up to it’s promise. Should make Windows 8 adopters happy, it is ideal for that.

About Paul G Howes

I'm the founder of itauthority in the UK. I started this company to help small businesses make better use of the IT they purchase. Many buy tech for the wrong reasons or buy something and then realised they don't have the time to make the most of it. How many unused programs are installed on your system? So I'm all about getting the most from IT. My other interests: I love music above most other things, I'm a pilot, I'm building myself a recording studio, I'm a magician - member of the Ilford Magical Society, as well as a runner & cyclist.
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