4G When in UK and how fast

So yesterday the organisation calling itself Everything Everywhere (EE) announced it had approval from Ofcom the industry regulator to use some of its frequencies to offer 4G. Everything Everywhere is the combination of T-Mobile & Orange.

In the beginning, this is going to be quite expensive for early adopters like any new technology, but this technology is far from new and the UK is way behind other nations in its deployment.

How fast is it?

Depending on coverage up to 50 meg connections are possible* making it faster than many conventional broadband connections. I see this helping those that have had trouble getting cables from their local exchange to their office but not all. Rural locations often get poor mobile signals too. Those that get good mobile coverage on T-Mobile & Orange networks will be the first to benefit from this release.

How much faster is it than 3G?

The standard 3G speed is 2-4 megabit with a maximum of 7.2 megabit against 4G LTE’s possible 50 meg. With further developments to the end of this decade we expect to see 3 gigabit speeds.*

When is it available?

21st September 2012

For the very latest information on availability follow me on twitter or subscribe to this blog (Top right). I’ll let you know the second I do.

* Reference http://www.4gbritain.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/Mobile-Broadband-and-the-UK-Economy-30-April-2012.pdf

Mobile Broadband and the UK Economy
Rolling out 4G LTE mobile broadband
Improving connectivity — stimulating the economy

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