Print multiple files without having to save changes

I got a call yesterday that prompted this post.

One of my clients often receives a batch of invoices in a zipped folder. (This time I think it was 92 invoices). So having to click NO to “Do you want to save the changes” 92 times was going to drive her mad.

I gave her the following advice. (Thanks to Lisa for asking the question)

This works for Windows 98, 2000, XP.

For Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8 you simply highlight the files and click the Print button. (Fig 1)

Fig 1

If you get sent a multitude of files in a zip folder and you want to print them without opening them then you need to use File | Print instead of Right-Click | Print

In other words don’t open excel or word etc. Just open the folder, hold down the Control Key to select multiple files by clicking on each. You can also click the top most file, hold down shift and click the last file to select if you prefer.

Once you have the files highlighted in the folder, then use the File | Print option. If you do this the computer will: open each file in turn in READ ONLYPRINT the file – and close each file in turn without you having to save changes. (Fig 2)

Fig 2

If on the other hand you Right-Click the highlighted files and choose PRINT, the computer will: open each file – PRINT – then ask you to confirm save changes. The second option is a real pain if you have many files to print.

Fig 3

It’s a subtle difference between the two. The first opens the file in READ ONLY (Fig 2) so there is no option to save changes and the computer just closes the file and automatically goes onto the next in the list you highlighted without further action from you.

This little tip will save you time.

About Paul G Howes

I'm the founder of itauthority in the UK. I started this company to help small businesses make better use of the IT they purchase. Many buy tech for the wrong reasons or buy something and then realised they don't have the time to make the most of it. How many unused programs are installed on your system? So I'm all about getting the most from IT. My other interests: I love music above most other things, I'm a pilot, I'm building myself a recording studio, I'm a magician - member of the Ilford Magical Society, as well as a runner & cyclist.
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