NO NO NO! every business should NOT move to the cloud.

Cloudy Sky

What do you think, should we move to the cloud?

…but some should.

The cloud has been a buzz word for a while now and more and
more of you have asked if you should move to the cloud or ‘transition to the

So this is a big subject and not one I can answer in a
single blog post. More will follow and there will be a cloud section on the
subject.  However the answer to this question is it depends. Should all businesses move to the cloud? NO. Should most? maybe.

Sorry if I sound vague but this really isn’t a black or white subject.

Warning: If someone is calling you and telling you “every
business needs to move to the cloud” or that “everyone is moving to the cloud
and you can’t afford to be left behind” then they probably work in sales. Hang-up!

Everyone is moving to the cloud. What’s your problem mate?

Consultancy firms can charge for moving your data or ‘Managing
your transition’ and where there is transition there is usually commission.

So what elements need to be considered?

Well as a rough guide if the majority of your computer users
are based in your office then you probably want your data local (in your
office) rather than in the cloud. Now that is a huge generalisation and not the
whole story.

If your staff are mostly in your office and your office can’t
get decent broadband speeds because of where it is then you don’t move to the
cloud. That would be suicide.

If you have a reasonable broadband connection and your
business is mostly office based then you may do so but you then there needs to
be a good reason to undertake the project. A good example would be where a
provider offers you a fully hosted service that takes care of a large part of
your business process.

You see the cloud really just means your data, email or a
service and sometimes all three reside on a server somewhere online. However
there are also private clouds that can be on your premises so you see this is a
big subject and one I will discuss in later postings. Not all clouds are on the

Who should move to the cloud then?

Well as a general guide if a large portion of your workforce
is mobile it’s a good idea also if you have many home workers then fine. You
will likely see a real benefit but the bottom line is there is no yes or no
answer as each business needs a proper evaluation before such a choice can be
an informed one.

One last word: I was contacted today by a large firm with
many servers that moved to the cloud, realised it was wrong for them and now
wants my help to move them back to on-premise.

About Paul G Howes

I'm the founder of itauthority in the UK. I started this company to help small businesses make better use of the IT they purchase. Many buy tech for the wrong reasons or buy something and then realised they don't have the time to make the most of it. How many unused programs are installed on your system? So I'm all about getting the most from IT. My other interests: I love music above most other things, I'm a pilot, I'm building myself a recording studio, I'm a magician - member of the Ilford Magical Society, as well as a runner & cyclist.
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